Stop the press! Pinochet is uncomfortable in his grave

Announcement of the Translation Counter-Information Network in solidarity with all the politically persecuted by the regime of Chile, for the demonstration of the 24th of September out of the Embassy of Chile, on the occasion of the international solidarity day with the political prisoners in Chile.

In 2009, the chilean state commenced an intensive campaign of persecution against squatters and Mapuche natives, aiming at their extinction. In perfect cooperation with the judicial system, the goal was the same in both cases: accusations of terrorism.

theBomb Casespectacle

Early in the morning of August 15 an incredibly extensive and spectacular police operation took place in various Chilean cities. Police forces invaded squats, social spaces and houses, arresting plenty of people and destroying everything in their way.

This new device of the chilean state is named “Bomb Case”. The new operation of the chilean police intends to find a convenient victim to charge with the 23 bombings that occured in Santiago.

Seven anarchist revolutionaries are imprisoned in the dungeons of the bourgeois democracy at a state of absolute exclusion, facing heavy charges, forged tirades and fake witness testimonies. The chilean press has been laying for months the foundations for certain arrests, by targeting certain spaces and people. Let’s not forget that in 2009  the Basque anarchist writer and musician Asel Luzzaraga who was accused of various bombings, was sentenced to house arrest and finally deported by the chilean state. His only involvement with the aforementioned bombings was his publicly expressed solidarity to the Mapuche people, mainly through texts.

and thats not all

The chilean state and pinochet’s dictatorship (who have found a worthy successor in the face of the current bourgeois democracy) have accomplished everything that the inkas and the spanish conquistadors have failed at. Repression, murder, trials based on fabricated tirades, social seclusion, prohibition to use their language, destruction of their social structures etc.

The draining of the Mapuche land and their displacement from grounds that they belong to, for centuries is embedded within a general framework of state strategies that aims at the eradication of every internal enemy in order to restore “national unity” and promote the application of the western “growth” paradigm free of all internal conflicts. The media have once again taken up an important role in this purge through slandering, concealing the role of their corrupted government, the multinational lumber and mining companies who have infringed the Mapuche native ground and are shamelessly preying on it, having as a result the irreversible destruction of the environment as well as the implicit action of mercenaries who have repeatedly attacked Mapuche grounds, burning occupied areas. The concealment of a text composed by 33 miners which pledged solidarity to the Mapuche people exemplifies the media’s filthy role.

The indigenous Mapuche people claim the self-evident: recursion of their land and respect to their right of self-determination. The Mapuche constitute a national liberation movement founded on a national concept different to the classic western bipolar construction of the Nation-State, since their worldview is pertinent to the concept of a stateless nation. During the last few years, this – akin to libertarian views – notion, this worldview and the social tradition of the people have established a fixed link of mutual aid between the Mapuche and the Chilean anarchist movement. There is no doubt that the Mapuche have been criminalized, trialed and sentenced for their thoughts, not for their acts.

For more than two and a half months, 35 imprisoned Mapuche are on hunger strike (most of them sentenced according to the anti-terrorist act that is easily applied even in cases of non-violent protests) demanding the cease of persecutions based on the anti-terrorist act and their self-evident right to life and preservation of their culture.

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