Tenerife, Spanish State: “Your ears have walls and your walls have ears”

We shall burn the university down, solidarity with the students in Canada.
CeCe freedom. Death to transphobia and racism.

They’re killing us and calling it a crisis.

In an effort to keep up actions in solidarity with the Contra Info callout, new slogans have appeared in the Canary Islands. Moreover, a small banner was found in one of the main accesses to the town which reads: “Neither Gold in Halkidiki or Oil in Lanzarote. Down with Multinationals!”, as both the Spanish and Greek States have recently given carte blanche to multinationals so they can exploit the natural resources of these areas.

We send our solidarity to CeCe MacDonald, prisoner in USA because of defending her own life in a transphobic and racist attack, to the rebel students in Quebec, who resist the Canadian State’s retaliations and hoping that their struggle spreads to the students of the State of Spain where there has been little resistance to the increasing privatisation of education. And to Pussy Riot in the state of Russia, prosecuted because of insulting one of the most oppressive institutions of the last two millennia, i.e. the Church.

To those who work slavishly to erase the slogans off these walls, as if by doing so they wipe clean the abuses of this submissive society, we would like to inform you that you will now have to work a few extra hours. And let it be clear than no amount of yellow paint will ever discourage us, but serves to enrage us even more and give us another clean wall on which to express our rage.

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