Italy – ‘Operation Boldness’: The Milan prosecutor asked for further extension of the precautionary measures against 5 imprisoned anarchists

The public prosecutor of Milan has requested another six months of pretrial incarceration for Alessandro, Stefano, Sergio, Elisa and Peppe [all incarcerated since June 13th, 2012]. In the prosecutor’s request it is specified that, despite their imprisonment, the comrades continue to communicate with members of the same space outside the prison, and promote ‘solidarity campaigns’ against the ‘repression’ with certainly alarming tones for the exaltation of acts marked by violence, and not only verbal. Then the prosecuting authorities explain better these concepts by citing several communiqués retrieved from RadioAzione, Contra Info, and Informa-Azione.

They also cite the communiqué of Stefano against the pseudo-nihilist carrions, and mention among other things: ‘The letter of S. Fosco from the high security wing of Ferrara was integrally published by the site RadioAzione, which has in fact replaced the role of Culmine after the closure of the latter, with the intent to perform the same function as “sounding board” in the nationwide anarchic area’.

As long as there’s life in this blog, it will never miss out on solidarity and complicity toward imprisoned comrades, as much as it will never lack direct actions that are done in solidarity with the same comrades or against the existent in general. If someone don’t like the ‘tones’… well, that’s their fucking problem! Finally, RadioAzione did not take over the legacy of Culmine, but has always wanted to send a clear message to the persecutors: no bars can ever imprison Counter-information and solidarity… you can imprison the body but never the ideas!

Death to the State and its minions
For direct action

Solidarity and complicity with imprisoned comrades
all over the world!


Elisa Di Bernardo
C.C. Rebibbia Femminile, Via Bartolo Longo 92, IT-00156 Roma

Sergio Maria Stefani, Giuseppe Lo Turco,
Alessandro Settepani, Stefano Gabriele Fosco

C.C. Via Arginone 327, IT-44122 Ferrara