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Athens: Shots fired at the facade of the squatted social centre VOX on June 3rd, 2014

‘Residents/workers/collectives united we resist mafias and drugs. Thursday, June 5th at 18:30: demonstration in the neighbourhood; popular assembly in the square. Meeting point: corner of Spyridonos Trikoupi and Stournari streets. –Committee of Exarchia residents’ initiative’

In the early hours of Tuesday, June 3rd, at about 02:30, unknown people fired at least 5 shots […]

Germany: Recent events in Hamburg

Here is an article from the anarchist newssheet “Wut im Bauch” (distributed only in paper form) about recent events in Hamburg. Additionally, there is a short report-back from a further “wild stroll” against control, which occurred recently. The texts in German here. Out of Control

For the last few months, in Hamburg, there has been a […]

Berlin: Racist mob and Nazi mobilization against the opening of a refugee residence in Marzahn-Hellersdorf district

Solidarity with all refugees

On Monday, August 19th, the first refugees and asylum seekers from Syria, Russia, Serbia and Vietnam arrived in the freshly inaugurated ‘refugee shelter’ in Hellersdorf, on the outskirts of Berlin. They were welcomed by antifascist comrades, who opposed a racist mob of residents as well as organized neo-Nazis that […]

Athens: The Social Health Space in PIKPA squat (May 2012)

Click image to read about the ongoing process of self-organization in Health through the project ‘Social Health Space’ of the neighbourhood assembly in Petralona, Thissio and Koukaki.

Netherlands: A report on the eviction of Ubica squat

Utrecht, Holland: 24 May 2013, night time…

Suddenly they came storming out. They were ten or fifteen. Black clothes, hooded. They had a fire extinguisher, a ladder, paint and some tires with them. And gasoline. The great final act of the sad drama of the Fall of Ubica had started.

The tensions were high up to eleven […]

UK: Self-Organised London squatted social centre

Click on photo for audio message…

Self-Organised London in Elephant and Castle has amassed over a dozen activities over the last week, to highlight the injustices caused by gentrification and regeneration of the area. The SOL space located at the South Bank University building Eileen House, is run by a number of collectives, […]

Cologne: Solidarity with Villa Amalias, Skaramaga, radio 98FM (Greece), SJZ, LIZ (Germany), the ZAD (France) and the Assentamento Milton Santos (Brazil)

Recent banner drop from squatters, comrades and solidarian residents in Petralona, Athens: ‘SQUATS WILL STAY! FOCI OF RESISTANCE EVERYWHERE!’

Click on photo to read the message of some people from the autonomous space cologne (az köln), in germany, who also call for solidarity with the families threatened with eviction in the milton santos […]

Ano Petralona, Athens: Invitation to the Children’s Space in PIKPA squat

Let’s get together this Sunday, January 6th, from 12pm at the Children’s Space in PIKPA squat, which is located on Timodimou and Antoniadou streets (in the vicinity of ‘Asyrmatos’) in the neighbourhood of Ano Petralona.

We want to have fun playing games and making children’s constructions. Later, we would like to cook and eat all […]

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Street party against police curfew

On Wednesday, December 5th, 2012 the residents of the Borel favela (Morro do Borel, occupied since 1921 in Rio de Janeiro) went out in the streets in a collective effort to break the curfew that the cops of the local UPP (‘Police Pacification Unit’) have imposed in the area since November 28th. This particular repressive […]

Athens: Ten years of popular assemblies and self-organization of residents in the neighbourhoods of Petralona, Thissio and Koukaki

A few words on the projects of residents in the district:

The popular assembly of Petralona–Thissio–Koukaki stands as a collective activity since November 2002. After several interruptions throughout a journey of 10 years, in which we have dealt with various different matters, the assembly’s participants continue to meet, discuss, decide and act to date.

In these […]

Bogotá, Colombia: Solidarity action with displaced squatters

No more urban speculation – No more ruined and empty houses

On Friday, October 5th, 2012, in a day of solidarity with displaced squatters in Bogotá, approximately 25 people gathered from 12.00 to 2.30pm in front of a squatted residential building at the corner of 47th street and 7th avenue, in order to […]

Athens: Reportback from antifascist demo in Amerikis square

On Friday evening, October 12th, in Kypseli, residents and supporters who resist fascism and social cannibalism carried out a large antifascist–antiracist demo.

The PA’s gathering in Amerikis square was organized by antifascists from the neighbourhoods of Kypseli and Patissia—as a direct response to a concentration called by fascists and racists in the […]

Athens: Antifascist-antiracist gathering in Amerikis square


Excerpts from the call by antifascists in the neighbourhoods of Kypseli and Patissia:

No tolerance to Nazi and fascist gangs

Lately, in the vicinity of Amerikis square, on Patission Street in Kypseli, a small group of racists/fascists attempts to create a state of fear and intolerance against African […]

Mass mobilization in Greek prisons (since 13/9) – Rebellion in Koridallos prison (23/9)

Since September 13th, 2012 inmates in Greek prisons carry out yet another mass mobilization, which concerns legal regulations as well as the living conditions within the hellholes. Resistance includes prison food abstention and other forms of protest. In some facilities prisoners are in total strike, abstaining from day’s wages, while they conduct partial labour strike […]

Keratea (Attica, Greece): No more trash in our lives. Residents against landfill constructions

Early in the morning of Saturday Dec.11th the vehicles of a heavy-machinery company in charge of the construction project of a landfill in the region of Keratea (Attica-Greece), reached the location of Ovriokastro, in order to start the construction of a landfill. A strong police force was there as well to ensure the unhindered entry […]