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[USA] Wildfire: An Anarchist Prison Newsletter #5 (August 2016)

The new issue of “Wildfire” is out now. Download PDF here.

Summer is almost over but things are burning up in the prisons and in the streets. All around the United States, prisoners and comrades in the “free world” are gearing up for the beginning of coordinated anti-prison actions on September 9th, 2016. In just a […]

USA: June 11th reportback from Bloomington, Indiana

Received June 20th 2016:

Here is a short run-down of events and actions that occurred in Bloomington related to the June 11th international day of solidarity with Marius Mason and all long-term anarchist prisoners:

– A benefit in late May raised over $350 for anarchist prisoners.

– A benefit dance party in late May raised over $600 for […]

USA: Fireworks in Minneapolis for trans prisoners

Received January 23rd 2016:

In response to the call for an international day of action in solidarity with trans prisoners, some antagonist queers and accomplices paid a visit to the juvenile detention center in Minneapolis, USA. Two banners were unfurled that read:

Not Gay As In Happy, Queer As In Fuck 12

Fire To The Prisons

Several fireworks were […]

Zine #1: International Trans Prisoner Day of Action and Solidarity – January 22nd 2016

Download and distribute this pdf zine in low-res (6mb) or high-res (24mb)

This zine will be distributed to folks both inside and outside prison walls.

International Trans Prisoner Day of Action and Solidarity – January 22nd 2016

January 22nd 2016 will be the first annual Trans Prisoner Day of Action: an international day of action in solidarity with trans prisoners. This project was first imagined by Marius Mason, a trans anarchist prisoner in Texas, USA. Since then, through his friends and supporters, an international collective of people both inside and outside of […]

‘Freeganism is not anarchy, it’s just easy’

Final version received December 23rd:


We are writing this zine to create a discussion about freeganism and whether or not it has any place in the struggle towards total liberation. We (the authors) identify as anarchists, and recognise that human supremacy is one of the most widespread and destructive authoritarian […]

Greece: A boy from home

Christmas at home, the fatherly home, as it is known, distinguishing the authority that gives name and meaning to things. I wake up with difficulty from mom’s entreaties, “to eat all together.” I also hear the grandfather’s voice from inside, so I know. I know precisely what I will face. I’ve lived it in almost […]

Seattle, USA: Two Grand Jury resisters released; Maddy Pfeiffer moved from solitary confinement

Read all about it by clicking on the poster…

San Francisco: Greek consulate paint bombed in solidarity with the anarchist squats Villa Amalias and Skaramaga in Athens

Click on photo to read the responsibility claim and call-out for action.

Seattle, USA: Another grand jury resister taken into custody

On the 26th of December, Matthew (Maddy) Pfeiffer was taken into custody at FDC SeaTac in Seattle.

Maddy was found guilty of civil contempt, and is the fourth person to be incarcerated for resisting the federal grand jury, which is investigating anarchists from the Pacific Northwest supposedly in relation to the May […]