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Lavreotiki, Attica: Arson burned down the people’s assembly space ‘Aparto Kastro’ (Impregnable Castle) in Keratea

Since January 2011, residents of Keratea built a critical meeting point for their anti-landfill struggle, the ‘Aparto Kastro’, made out of sheet metal and wood, where numerous assemblies, discussions and musical evenings were held. For the past 4.5 months, this self-made space housed once more their need to meet regularly and discuss on the organization […]

Lavreotiki, Attica: One year after the invasion of the State and the Capital in Keratea

Keratea, December 11th, 2011: ‘We resist the unlawfulness and violence of the army occupying our land’

Ovriokastro, Keratea Total time under occupation by police squads (MAT): 128 days & 9 hours (December 11th, 2010, 4am – April 18th, 2011, 12pm) Total of 37 youths detained by the cops

Notes on the resistance in […]