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[Greek prisons] Nikos Romanos: Liberating Journeys of Attack

The following text is intended to be the continuation of a dialogue on the tools of anarchist insurgency and the ways of organizing ourselves; a dialogue that was initiated at an international anarchist encounter somewhere in the countryside of France and now continues from a prison cell in Greece.

The opinions expressed here are my […]

Appendix to an aborted debate on anonymity and attack

A debate is the in-depth exploration of a certain question through the confrontation between two or more sides, each one with their own position. Unlike those who think that debates are to be avoided as to not provoke divisions, we think that they have to be nourished. Because the goal of a debate is not […]

Germany: “Time for Plan A” campaign in the Rhine-Ruhr area

— Opening party on the 5th of October. —

We are working on our campaign “Time for Plan A” for several months now, and we can finally present it to you. From October to December 2013, there will be various different events and activities in the Rhine-Ruhr area around the theme Anarchy. Together with […]

[Brussels] Archipelago – Affinity, informal organization and insurrectional projects

Click image to read the text, translated from ‘Salto, subversion & anarchy’ #2, November 2012.


Greece: On antifascism

These thoughts were submitted by an egoist-nihilist anarchist on Athens IMC.

“I would not even bother to participate in the ongoing debate, but some of the latest comments from an ‘antifascist comrade’ intrigued me.

First, to be able to get the features of antifascist action indexed, I believe one should […]