Germany: “Time for Plan A” campaign in the Rhine-Ruhr area

— Opening party on the 5th of October. —

We are working on our campaign “Time for Plan A” for several months now, and we can finally present it to you. From October to December 2013, there will be various different events and activities in the Rhine-Ruhr area around the theme Anarchy. Together with some friendly groups, we have prepared plenty of lectures, film screenings, actions and networking meetings.

Anarcho-syndicalism, criticism of religion, collective undertakings, anarcha-feminism, veganism and many other issues will be discussed. We want to address a wide range of topics to many people, even those that have not yet dealt so much with politics. Therefore, we try to present everything in the most comprehensible way. We also want to encourage discussions and facilitate open dialogue.

The Anarchist Federation in Rhine-Ruhr (AFRR) is still a very young and small federation. The work on this campaign has not been easy, and there were quite a few problems. So we are glad to have finally been able to set up a three-month campaign. Working with other groups has brought the networking of anarchist/libertarian-minded people a step further.

But there is still so much to do. Our campaign will be another step towards building a strong anarchist movement in the Rhine-Ruhr area. We are excited about the coming months. We hope to meet many new people and have interesting discussions.

Let’s go! Time for Plan A! Let’s take our lives back into our own hands! Together for a non-hierarchical society!

Sources: AFRR & „Zeit für Plan A“

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