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Germany: Support rebellious prisoner Rainer Loehnert, punished with solitary confinement following escape attempt

Below is a text (see German version here) about Rainer’s situation. He is currently held in isolation in a forensic psychiatric institution in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Last summer, he participated in a solidarity hunger strike for the prisoners’ struggles in Greece. He recently attempted to escape from the psychiatric facility.

Run, Man, Run! — An Attempt […]

Wuppertal, Germany: Benefit concert for ABC Belarus

Saturday, April 6th, at 20.00, in the Autonomous Centre Wuppertal

For more information about the anarchist prisoners and the ABC in Belarus:


[Germany] Worldwide action days for liberated spaces, 2–12 February

SJZ (in Siegburg) stays! LiZ (in Bonn) comes!

The Siegburg Libertarian Youth (in North Rhine-Westphalia) addresses a call-out in the context of the Black February direct action days, and draws particular attention to few regional issues and developments, so that solidarians can also express their support to various local initiatives and projects.

First, they […]

North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany: Angry updates about comrades from Cologne

On Saturday, March 3rd, by 20.00 (MEZ) the occupied building squatted on Deutz-Mülheim Street was surrounded by a giant police force with martial equipment. Nearly 20 squatters were under siege by approximately 100 armed cops, aided from earlier in the evening by police helicopter, 25 police buses, a fire brigade unit, which provided lights for […]