[Germany] Worldwide action days for liberated spaces, 2–12 February

SJZ (in Siegburg) stays! LiZ (in Bonn) comes!

The Siegburg Libertarian Youth (in North Rhine-Westphalia) addresses a call-out in the context of the Black February direct action days, and draws particular attention to few regional issues and developments, so that solidarians can also express their support to various local initiatives and projects.

First, they send all their strength and love to the Autonomous Space Cologne (AZ Köln), which is once again threatened with eviction. Next, they look forward to another 20 years and an eternity of the Self-organized Youth Centre (SJZ) in Siegburg, declaring: ‘We are here and we will fight! SJZ in Siegburg stays!’ Also, they are excited about the growing efforts of people to establish libertarian centres in the city of Bonn and wish them all the best.

After this short summary, the Siegburg Libertarian Youth states the following:

Generally here, in this region, housing becomes increasingly expensive while public funds for culture, housing and social living are being cut, the security apparatus is being expanded, and what is overall promoted is a marginalization of the various different spheres of life. These developments make us want to vomit! We have a right to our lives, to the city and the whole bakery!

The emancipatory movement in the region, in Europe and around the whole world must be strengthened and cross-linked until it has the necessary clout to break with the prevailing conditions.

Solidarity with all emancipatory struggles, projects and people across the world!