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Montreuil, Paris: Job centre attacked

Neither Law, Nor Work

In the night of Thursday 5th May, the windows of the job centre of Montreuil were destroyed with a sedgehammer. On the sides could be read: “Modern enslavers – Neither Work Nor Law”. Day or night, alone, in small groups or as many, let’s attack the structures of the State and the […]

Montreuil, Paris: Attack against an architect of domination dedicated to Mónica and Francisco

In the night of 8th-9th March 2016, with garbage skips and flammable products we set fire to the front of the architects’ office of Archi 5, rue Voltaire, in the town centre of Montreuil-sous-Bois [Paris outskirts].

Archi 5 boasts on its website of having achieved, or trying to achieve, alongside insignificant constructions, the following list of […]

Paris: Autolib’ up in smoke, in your face Bolloré!

Saturday 19th December

Despite the alarmist sirens, the state of emergency didn’t prevent us these last few days in bringing our modest contribution to the anti-capitalist offensive, more specifically to an alleged solution to the ecological crisis; the subsidiary Blue Solutions of the Bolloré Group, to the delight of their investors, green-washing their image whilst conquering […]

Montreuil, France: A van of concreters up in smoke

In the night of 1st-2nd March, on Saint-Mandé street in Montreuil, a van of Eiffage Construction went up in smoke. Eiffage is a company that builds prisons. Neither the vigipirate plan [1] nor the spring weather deterred us to attack.

Signed : Enraged storms [2]

Translation notes [1] Vigipirate is France’s national security alert system; as of […]