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Brighton, England: A banner was attached to the flagpoles in front of the war memorial in the centre of the city

7‘We got up nice and early this morning to put up a banner expressing  solidarity and anger towards the situation in Calais where, on 17th October, the french state have planned to begin a total eviction of the jungle. The banner was attached to the flagpoles in front of the war memorial in the  centre of the city, somewhere that people regularly go to visit to remind
themselves of their nationalist pride and identity that has been built on war, genocide, displacement, criminalisation and conquerence of other people. We want to show solidarity in this small way not just with the people in the jungle but in all places where people are trying to get on with their lives in the face of such incredible and brutal opposition – the peeps on strike/ resisting within prisons all over the place, everyone fighting some serious battles against the dakota access pipeline, autonomous zones under attack, the list is endless.

Reduced mobility meant that the banner wasn’t up very high so unfortunately it was taken down within a few hours, but we hope that whoever did it enjoyed the generous amounts of lube that we smothered the ropes with…

[UK] Women and Trans* Week of Action Against the Prison Industrial Complex / Aduniad Menywod a Phobl Trans* yn erbyn y cyd-berthynas diwydiannol carchar

Prisons destroy lives. The British Government intend to build 9 new mega prisons by 2020, while more & more women and trans* folk are caged and brutalised in our prison system. The enormous weight of supporting loved ones in prisons is carried by us who emotionally, financially and practically labour to support people in prison while caring for those left behind. The prison industrial complex has been built on white supremacy. It is a racist institution with people of colour vastly over represented with growing racist border controls, raids & more. The prison system is part of the continuous state assault & long history of patriarchy & gender-conformity that we contend with every day.

This week is an attempt to reclaim our lives.

Click here to continue reading the call-out (also in Welsh).


Mae carchardai yn dinistrio bywydau. Bwriad Llywodraeth Prydain yw adeiladu 9 mega garchar newydd erbyn 2020, tra bod mwy o fenywod a phobl thrans yn cael eu caethiwo a’u trin yn giaidd yn ein system garchar. Mae’r pwysau enfawr o gefnogi’r sawl ydym yn eu caru yn y carchar yn disgyn arnom ni sydd yn llafurio’n emosiynol, ariannol ac yn ymarferol i gefnogi pobl sydd wedi eu carcharu tra yn ogystal â hyn rydym yn gofalu am y gweddill sydd wedi eu gadael ar y tu allan. Mae’r cyd-berthynnas diwydiannol carchar yn dwyn ein bywydau gennym. Mae hefyd yn sefydliad hiliol ble mae pobl nad ŷnt yn wyn eu croen yn sicr wedi eu gorgynrychioli. Mae’n rhan o ymosodiad parhaol a hanes hir o batriarchaeth a chydymffurfiaeth-rhywedd yr ydym yn ei frwydro pob dydd.

Mae’r wythnos hon yn ymgais at adennill ein bywydau.

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