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Indonesia: Anarchist comrade Eat released from prison


In early October 2011, anarchists Reyhart Rumbayan (Eat) and Billy Augustan were arrested and accused of arson on a bank ATM. In addition, an arrest warrant was issued against K., who is still at large —we wish the comrade to stay forever uncaught!

Eat and Billy, untamed and proud members of the Long-Live Luciano Tortuga Cell (Informal Anarchist Federation–Indonesia Section), claimed responsibility for the attack. They then underwent trial, and remained imprisoned for a little over a year.

Both comrades are now back onto the streets: Billy was released from prison in November, while Eat got released on probation in December. We wish them all the best.

‘About Eat & Billy’ Solidarity Zine – Read it on 325

Anarchist comrades Tortuga ($hile) and Billy (Indonesia) out onto the streets again

On November 19th, our comrades from ‘Viva La Anarquía’ transmitted that Luciano Pitronello received a definitive sentence of 6 years’ supervised freedom, after the Santiago Court of Appeals rejected the prosecutor’s motion for annulment of the first-instance trial. Therefore, Tortuga is no longer under house arrest, but will be under the supervision of a delegate of the Chilean gendarmerie who will make periodic evaluations of the comrade.

Other sources of this news in Spanish: i, ii.

On November 22nd, our comrades from ‘325’ transmitted that Billy, proud member of the Long-Live Luciano Tortuga Cell/FAI, was also released from prison. Freedom now for comrade Eat!

Below are lyrics written by Eat, who is still serving prison time:

No need for you to bow. Silence is just for herds.
We are a pack of angry wolves hunting our prey at night.
We are a pack of angry wolves howling at the moonlit night.
Tear down – the void is always around. Let’s break these walls.
You and me got to be…
The intifada, coming from Gaza – black flags are rising.
Social war is here, civil war is everywhere.
Let’s break these walls. All of us got to be set free.

Indonesia: Letter from Eat & Billy, imprisoned comrades of the Long-Live Luciano Tortuga Cell / Indonesian FAI

The anarchist prisoners Eat and Billy are comrades of the Long-Live Luciano Tortuga Cell / Informal Anarchist Federation, Indonesia Section, who are currently in prison before trial, having taken responsibility for setting fire to a BRI ATM bank in Yogyakarta on 7th of October ’11, by causing an explosion. The action was declared in solidarity with Luciano Tortuga, injured anarchist combatant of Chile, with revolutionary prisoners and fighters in Indonesia and across the world, in complicity with the international clash with capitalism and hierarchy.

Despite isolated conditions and the inevitable harsh and endless interrogations, the comrades never co-operated or collaborated with the repressive apparatus, and the application of the anti-terrorist law has not diminished them. The repressive wave which the Indonesian State and the mainstream media initiated against not only them, but against also autonomous spaces and individuals, and which extends into the continued murderous practices it employs across the islands, has failed to obscure the evident: that the Indonesian State and the corporations operating there are exploiters and terrorists.

This open letter comes alongside a continued call for international solidarity with the environmental, indigenous and anti-capitalist/anti-state struggle in Indonesia, and the imprisoned comrades additionally wanted to focus attention on places like Wera (Bima) where the people are resisting an iron mine, and also the situation of renewed social war in West Papua, as the rebels and the students are escalating the conflict against the police, military and the mafia Freeport McMoran Copper & Gold Inc..

You can read a previous flyer (with multiple language translations) about the general case here (nb. there was another person arrested who was subsequently released), plus a solidarity booklet by Actforfreedomnow/Elephant Editions is here.

Soon there will be a bank account declared for financial aid, and a call for a specific date/period of international solidarity, so it is asked that comrades be aware of the matter. However, solidarity should never wait until the date of any upcoming trial or until any date imposed from above; Eat and Billy expect comrades to act as they have always done, with their hearts and generous warmth together in global struggle against State and Capital.


Dear comrades, with respect, love and rage

It’s been 35 days since we were caught and we are sorry for writing this letter too long, as our only possible communication comes only from our friends and lovers who still have the courage to meet us here. Direct letters are impossible.

We’ve been waiting to hear some news from you all and like a strong warm breeze in this climate of repression, we once more regain back our energy and strength to hear the sound of revolutionary solidarity and a warm feeling of comradeship from all combatants and prisoners of freedom around the world – especially when we had the chance to read a newspaper about some recent insurrection in Rome, Italy, it gave us both a warm feeling that comrades are still fighting for a true revolutionary change… and the spirit of insurrectionalism is still in the air like a light of hope – in this dim atmosphere of cages of repression.

We send our hugs to all the FAI members around the world (those who are free and imprisoned) and as well CCF members in Greece, our true revolutionary and warm feelings to all of you.

On a sad note, we are truly disappointed that some of our local comrades are inspired by fear and media sensationalism which make them to retreat from the front line but let’s put this aside, as we are still convinced that they still have the ideas in their heart of resistance… that would light the darkness once more in the glimmering light of passion for rebellion.

Warm hugs and salute to all combatants in Chile, Greece, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Germany, and all of the revolutionary anarchists who never back down in the face of repression.

Revolutionary Greetings and Hugs to all of you.

Members of Long-Live Luciano Tortuga Cell / Indonesian FAI



source: 325