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Brighton, England: A banner was attached to the flagpoles in front of the war memorial in the centre of the city

‘We got up nice and early this morning to put up a banner expressing  solidarity and anger towards the situation in Calais where, on 17th October, the french state have planned to begin a total eviction of the jungle. The banner was attached to the flagpoles in front of the war memorial in the  centre […]

London: Holding Space – Eviction Resistance at the squatted Hope and Anchor

Squatters in Mornington Crescent successfully resisted a second eviction attempt on Wednesday. In another show of strength and solidarity by London squatters, thirty to forty people turned out against the bailiffs. Banners were dropped opposing the Housing Bill and evictions ‘from London to Calais’ after the recent squat eviction in the French city. Security contractors […]

Marseille, France: Incendiary attack against a GDF Suez car in solidarity with Calais

Received March 19th:

In recent weeks, the State and its “good” army have intensified their attacks against our friends in Calais, between two racist pogroms unleashed by fascists. But those who attack libertarian networks should expect strong reactions.

If the houses built in Calais are destroyed, we’ll destroy the repressive infrastructure, in Marseille like anywhere else.

In response […]

[Marseille] New poster in solidarity with resistance in Calais

Click on image for hi-res version (4.8mb). Poster also available in French.

Read the full communique here, received on March 16th.

For more posters in solidarity with the struggle in Calais click here.


Marseille, France: Week of action in solidarity with resistance in Calais

Received March 16th:

Following the recent evictions in Calais, a week of action in solidarity with the resistance of the ’’jungle’’ took place in Marseille. The various actions contained in this communique were anonymously contributed by numerous individuals and groups. All the targets chosen collaborate in the repression, subjugation and deportation of migrant and/or paperless people […]

Boston, USA: Solidarity with the hungers strikes in Calais

Received March 13th 2016 from Boston, Massachusetts:

See also: Chronology of resistance from Rabble and posters in solidarity here.

in Italian and German

Attack on the French Institute in Athens in solidarity with the persecuted migrants in Calais, against the evacuation of the Jungle!

Communiqué in Greek via Athens IMC. English translation received March 12th 2016:

On March the 2nd we attacked the French Institute in Athens with molotov bombs. With this action we send a message of class solidarity to the persecuted migrants and fighters who struggle against the French state. The French Institute portrays the hypocrisy of the […]

[Calais] Two posters in solidarity with the struggle – No to all evictions!

Click on poster for high-res version (5.9mb)

Click on image for high resolution version (2.7mb)

Posters also published in French


France: Communiqué on buildings occupied in Calais

February 28, 2014

We are a group of people from different countries and different political backgrounds who are fighting for the right to housing for everyone, whatever their origin. We announce that we have occupied (now for more than 48 hours) empty and abandoned public buildings in different parts of the town of Calais, and intend […]

Wales: Cardiff militants act in solidarity with comrades in France

Several Cardiff militant activists came together on the 18th December to show solidarity with the call-out for international solidarity with Human Rights Day demonstrations in France and beyond North-West Europe on the 10th of December, and December demonstrations continuing at the ZAD (near Nantes, Loire-Atlantique) and in major French cities as part of International […]

Galicia, Spain: Solidarity from Pontevedra in answer to the 10 propaganda days against repression

Institutional Racism. Solidarity with Migrants in Greece.

Spread the Revolt.

Institutional Racism. Solidarity with Migrants in Greece.

Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners.

Strength to the Mapuche Struggle in Chile.

“Those who want to understand will understand. Now is the time to break the invisible cells that […]

France: Anti-state banner in Strasbourg

In the context of the anti-repression contrainfo call, on August 5th we placed a banner in a pedestrian park in the city of Strasbourg that reads: “Calais, London, Chile, Barcelona, Tunisia… Everywhere the State kills – Let’s strike back!”


[Calais] Justice for Noureddin Mohamed!

No more border killings! Request for solidarity!

Our friend and comrade, Noureddin Mohamed, died in the centre of Calais, France, in the early hours of Saturday 7 July 2012. Noureddin was 28 years old. Originally from North Darfur, Sudan, he had been in Calais for more than four years. He was well known and loved in […]

Germany: Reportback from the 2012 No Border Camp in Cologne/Düsseldorf

Here follows a critique of the No Border Camp in Cologne and Düsseldorf —the event isn’t finished until later today, and its official end is July 22th. Expectations were high for the latest No Borders camp, held on July 13–22 in Cologne, to put into action a lot of what had been claimed by activist […]