Anarchist Wallpaper #3 October 2017: Sabotage the surveillance state! Let’s all be perpetrators

Here is the third edition of the Anarchist Wallpaper! This time on surveillance, the dragnet law and the necessity of sabotage. Download the wallpaper, print and circulate it!

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Sabotage the surveillance state! Let’s all be perpetrators.

On surveillance, the dragnet law and the necessity of sabotage.

You are being watched; on the street, at the train station, on social media, through your phone calls and e-mail correspondence. The state and its collaborators desire total control, whether you’ve ‘done something’ or not, everyone is a suspect. As per the 1st of January 2018 the intelligence agencies will be granted new powers. They are permitted to expand their information collecting beyond specific suspects and so implement mass surveillance. In the eyes of the state everyone is a suspect. So let us all be perpetrators and accomplices!

Last June the First Chamber approved the so called ‘dragnet law’. This law gives intelligence agencies more powers than they already had. They will be able to monitor and store digital data on a massive scale. They will also be able to hack all automated devices such as phones, laptops and tablets without a person being a ‘suspect’. A secret DNA database can be created to store anyone’s DNA, again without being ‘suspected’ of having done something. All stored data can be shared with foreign intelligence agencies without prior analysis by the domestic intelligence agencies.

The dragnet law is a big step for the state towards total control and fits in the recent trend of repression such as forced identification, camera surveillance and preventive stop and searches by the police. The new law, like others in recent years, is enforced with the excuse of security risks and the growing need to protect citizens from terrorism. The actual implementation of this law can be found in poorer neighbourhoods, and will be used against people who do not conform to the white status quo. In poor neighbourhoods like the Schilderswijk in The Hague camera surveillance, stop and searches by the police and intimidation are rampant. The information collected by new state methods will be used against people who resist this harassment. A growingly repressive state does not ensure less terror attacks, quite the opposite. A repressive state ensures exclusion and protects only those who claim to have financial interests; government institutions, big companies and powerful institutions. The rest of us are considered a constant threat and to be constant suspects while we are chased, controlled and humiliated. The mechanisms of state control seem to be untouchable, but nothing is further from the truth. Every system has its weaknesses and every system is susceptible to sabotage.

A control mechanism developed and created to protect a system that only protects the interests of capitalist institutions is a direct attack on us. And an attack on us cannot remain unanswered. Let’s take down the cameras on street corners that form the eyes of the state. Let’s burn the cables and power supplies of the servers and computers that monitor and store our information. Let’s attack the companies who make their profits through this control mania. Let’s sabotage the state so we can live. If we are all suspects, let’s all be perpetrators!

Freedom for Peike!

During the G20-protest last July in Hamburg thousands of people took to the street to protest the meeting of the leaders of the 20 most industrialised nations. The protests encountered heavy police repression that started a riot. The German state seized this opportunity to attack and criminalise autonomous structures.

The German news website Indymedia Linksunten has been banned. More than 100 people were arrested under whom Peike from Amsterdam. Peike was the first to go on trial and was sentenced to 2 years and 7 months imprisonment for allegedly throwing two beer bottles at police officers. The prosecution demanded 1 year and 7 months, the judge made it 2 years and 7 months. Peike is momentarily imprisoned in Hamburg. Freedom for Peike and all the prisoners! For more information see: