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Istanbul, Turkey: Banners and Stickers against referendum in Turkey

Nor Dictatorship nor Democracy Revolt, Revolution, Anarchy

Find each other, organize, fight! YES to Revolt, NO to State

Revolt won’t be like your ballot box

State produces war revolution, not election. commune, Not war.

Don’t do servitude to servants. There is no representive other than yourself

We will solve all problems of the City! down left) No living being will be captived in cages, prisons, schools, aquariums top right) Not the traffic, but motorized transportation is the problem, votes to anarchy down right) We support tsunami, not the humanity

Nor Dictatorship Nor Democracy Revolt, Revolution, Anarchy

Nor republic nor khalifat, for freedom, revolt

top one ) We won’t allow anybody to be a president down right) People will not think about rents anymore, people will live in caves

1st) Now all Your banking transactions are on internet banking! 2nd) A world that to be destroyed 3rd) We will not end unemployment, we will end employment. Votes to Anarchy

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