Athens: A brief announcement from Cat’s spirit squat in Exarchia

Since April 21st 2016, we have occupied an abandoned private house on 119, Zoodochou Pigis Street. It’s Cat’s spirit, where we want to have a base for anarchist people, especially new people arriving in Exarchia. The plan is to create an open space for both anarchists and refugee activists, but also for people in emergency housing need.

Squatting is always a political action. We are fighting against private property in a capitalist system that created it. We are trying to live in a different way: collective, dignified and self-organised.

After having abandoned the building for years, on June 6th 2016 a woman presenting herself as one of its owners threatened to call the police if we didn’t pay a rent in the next days. The reality is that we’ve expropriated one empty and destroyed house, and we are trying to live in it. So, we refuse any kind of negotiation with the owners.

We believe in solidarity with all self-organised places in Exarchia, in order to show to the system that we will continue to resist and fight for autonomy and freedom.

Let’s all be ready to support self-organised spaces everywhere!


Cat’s spirit

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