Bern, Switzerland: Direct action against research on GMOs in solidarity with Billy, Silvia and Costa

On February 25th just passed, a branch of the Federal Department for the Environment in Bern was attacked with paint.

From February 22nd until 28th, a callout was made for an international week of action against technological nuisances and the world that produces them. It’s in this context that, on February 25th, we went and poured out a massive amount of paint on the walls of the Federal Office for the Environment in Bern.

For several years this Office issues the permissions to conduct research on genetically modified (GM) plants in the open-air “Protected Site” laboratory, in Reckenholz, Zurich. At this very moment a new request, concerning “Gala” apple trees, is being processed.

This attack against research and development of GMOs was carried out in solidarity with everyone in struggle against industrial society.

Solidarity with Billy, Silvia and Costa =

some anarchists

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