Marseille, France: Incendiary attack against luxury cars

In the morning of Friday 26th February at around 3:30am, we gained access to a ‘secure’ private parking serving a yuppie block in the 7th district, Marseille, and set fire to two luxury vehicles. A box of firelighters were placed under a front tire of each vehicle, which quickly ignited before bursting into flames as we departed, thereby bringing a brief “state of emergency” to the doorsteps of a bourgie few.

We dedicate this attack to the four combatants imprisoned by the Belgian state in the “maxi-prison trial” of the 19th February, and to others accused in the same case.

Fire to the prisons and the world that protects them!

With kisses,
Persons unknown

Note from Contra Info: In fact, four individuals were each given a 10 month suspended prison sentence for a conditional period of 3 years in the trial of the maxi-prison model destruction. Furthermore, the six charged each received €600 fines, making a total of €3,600. The prosecutor’s most relevant piece of incriminating evidence to convict them as a group is the fact that they refused to apologise on the subject.

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