Athens: Banner action in solidarity with trans prisoners

Trans & cis abnormals; we set up gallows for every authoritarian | Freedom for the anarchist comrade Marius Mason
“—Are you a boy or a girl?” “—No.” | Gender is a social construct
Fire to the normalcy of normals; for the complete liberation of gender & sexuality | Strength to the incarcerated anarchist Marius Mason
We are drapetomaniacs and transgressors; we’ll burn the cities-prisons to the ground | Chaoten

In response to the international call for solidarity with trans prisoners, some anarchist individualities hung banners on various locations in the city centre of Athens (Polytechnic School, Monastiraki, Victorias Square) on the 22nd and 23rd January 2016.

Anarchist greetings to the comrade Marius Mason, long-term prisoner in the US. Fire to the normalcy.

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