Bloomington, USA: Banner hung for Black December

In the spirit of Black December, we hung a banner as a gesture of solidarity to all anarchists in prison, all those on the run, and all those fallen in combat with the state.

This is a minor act, one of many daily manifestations of our solidarity with imprisoned comrades. Against a North American anarchist scene of cynicism and internet chatter, we propose anarchy as lived struggle against power, operating on an informal basis, using all weapons available. Our imprisoned comrades are engaged in uncompromising struggle against the state – we refuse to let them fight alone.

We send strength to combative anarchists in Chile, Greece, Turkey, Mexico, France, Italy, Russia, Indonesia, Spain, Canada, the Czech Republic, the UK, Belarus, and everywhere else individuals and groups have translated theory into action. Even at this distance, the flames in your streets and prison cells keep us warm.

We send particular love to some of our comrades here in the United States: Sean Swain, Michael Kimble, Marius Mason, Casey Brezik, Jennifer Gann, and Jeremy Hammond.

In memory of Sebastián Oversluij Seguel, Alexandros Grigoropoulos, Mauricio Morales, Kuwasi Balagoon, Lambros Foundas, and William Avalon Rogers.

Let’s renew the spirit of anarchist solidarity!

For a Black December!

For anarchy!

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