Santiago: Incendiary sabotage against PROQUIMSA industries

“Life is a journey by parachute, and not what you want to believe. We are falling, falling from our zenith to our nadir, and we leave the air stained with blood to poison those who will come to breathe it tomorrow. Within yourself, outside yourself, you will fall from your highest to lowest point because that is your destiny, your miserable destiny. And the higher you fall from, the higher you will bounce, and the longer you will be remembered by the stone. We have jumped from our mother’s bellies or the edge of a star, and we are falling. Oh, my parachute, the sole perfumed rose of the atmosphere, the rose of death, tumbling between the stars of death. Have you heard? That is the sinister noise of closed breasts. Open the door of your soul and come out to breathe outside. You can open the door that the hurricane slammed, with only a whisper.” [Vicente Huidobro, Altazor]

On Tuesday, June 9, according to one of the many calendars of domination. Our contradictory wrists carry watches that indicate that it’s ten till two in the morning. The cold is chilling, but we’re well equipped. Long minutes walking to enter the outskirts of the industrial park Lo Boza, in the municipality of Pudahuel – a territory substantially faded by the uncontrolled advance of the techno-industrial system and the active complicity of the submissive population, which has been enchanted by this regime of hate and death. “Where the waters meet” was once home to fertile, colorful land; for the time being, it is a deposit of human waste, orderly zombies arriving early to work in the morning. The air is torn by hundred airplanes that land with impunity on the high-density concrete of the Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport, the soil is dirtied by industries that spring up faster than mushrooms in the Valdivian forest, the water is “mis-treated” by some of the largest water treatment plants in South America.

Our target is the industrial facilities of PROQUIMSA, speciesist experimentalists, torturers of our brothers and sisters. They are providers of consumables for the chemical industry, in its broadest spectrum of productive horror.

We sabotaged one of the several “electrical distribution boxes” that serve these spaces of death; fire was our destructive element, two chemically activated incendiary devices that illuminated the night for a time. They did not achieve quite the desired effect, but the act serves as a rehearsal for the qualitative advancement of our actions. We will strike harder every time! In one way or another, we thought that burning one of these “boxes” might produce wider blackouts in the facility, but it did not – there was only minor material damage. We should research more on the network of electrical supply and distribution in these zones; we believe that we only affected the local circuits, belonging to the exterior illumination of the enterprise.

Our plans, wills, and resources advance in secret, but without putting a foot on the brakes. Our fight to the death against this system of domination knows no strategic pause, much less theoretical revision.

For autonomous action in the broadest sense!

We are capable; we have the tools within reach. Intelligence, love, conviction! While our brothers and sisters die in different types of cages, we cannot help but act – there are no excuses.

Action against ourselves is here and now. Action against our enemies is here and now. Action against the defenders and false critics of the patriarchy is right in front of our noses. Sharpen the conflict, overcoming our negative egos!

Month for the Earth” – “Black June” is part of one of the many proposals for coordination and effective attack. For us, it holds all kinds of contradictions and tensions, but they are perfectly manageable, absorbable, spit out, well received, thrown out, armored, vomited, enjoyed. We believe that this is a tool for the proliferation of certain tactical/practical discussions and dispositions, theoretical tangles, and maybe some synthesis of these experiences. We are part of this call as a complementary part of our integral construction of constant tension. Against the society of domination!

With Mauricio Morales, Spyros Dravilas, Pelao Angry and so many comrades who have departed this physical plane.

Affectionate greetings to all the brothers and sisters encaged worldwide, those forced underground (“on the run”) here and there – strength in your hearts and bodies!

Greetings to the Council of Uehuetlatolli Groupuscule of Savage Reaction

Against Civilization! For the defense of all that we have been losing!

Capybara Group FAI/FRI

original in Spanish; in Greek