Basel, Switzerland: Demonstration against Frontex and attack on prosecutor’s office/pretrial prison

On May 22nd, about 200-250 people took to the streets in Basel in a demonstration against Frontex and the European migration-regime on the occasion of the international action days against the 10 year anniversary of Frontex.

The demonstration went in front of the deportation prison “Bässlergut”, where a big unit of anti-riot cops prevented people from getting to the fence of the prison. There were slogans and speeches against borders and prisons and in solidarity with those held captive. The reaction from the prisoners was loud and strong, with slogans against the cops and lots of noise with banging on the iron bars, for example.

Later that night, a bigger group of people attacked the Waaghof with stones and paint. In this building the prosecutor’s office and a pretrial prison are located, as well as certain units of the police.

Fire to the prisons!
Down with all borders!