Montreal: Sabotage against university research labs

Note of Contra Info: We publish this communiqué as we received, hoping that the insects did not suffer retaliation.

On the morning of April 24th, 2015, we released hundreds of crickets in the Macdonald Engineering Building of McGill University, with the goal that they would spread and disrupt operations in multiple labs involved in technological development for the military. The campaign Demilitarize McGill has published extensive research on these labs’ activities, which range from military-funded explosives experiments to development of algorithms for control of social networks in collaboration with North American intelligence agencies. This action was simple to pull off, requiring no special skills or resources.

The Shock Wave Physics Group, the Aerospace Mechatronics Lab, the Network Dynamics Lab and their collaborators help spread death and entrench state control around the world, concretely opposing struggles for freedom. We invite others to escalate direct action against them and other labs. We act in solidarity with Anti-Imperialist Action and everyone else engaged in the fight to demilitarize McGill University.

– anarchists