Santiago: Intensifying the street struggle for our imprisoned and fallen comrades

On Thursday, May 14th, large demonstrations of students took place in the centre of various Chilean cities. In Santiago, the clashes with the cops were extended for several hours in the streets and universities. We are not interested in these legalist and reformist demands, but we are interested in contributing to the street struggle that takes place at the end of each protest, so as to give another momentum to it. This is why we infiltrated in the campus of USACH to agitate for the comrades Juan, Nataly and Guillermo, who are on hunger strike since the 13th/14th of April, and to remember our fallen compañerxs, especially Punky Mauri ahead of a new anniversary of his death in action.

While the clashes were already underway we went out with more than twenty Molotov bombs to fight the forces of order, and when the material was exhausted we withdrew in a way we believe it has been many years since it was last seen (that is, in universities), by shooting once with a pellet gun against the contingent of special forces; this was a symbolic shot, no big deal, the cops’ life was not put in danger; nevertheless, we have warned the enemy and drawn attention to our comrades. From now on there will not only be stones and Molotovs from the anarchist sectors in public protests.

Antiauthoritarian solidarity with Juan, Nataly, Guillermo and Enrique.

May 22nd, day of Chaos: Let’s seek to make anarchy alive.

Claudia López, Jhonny Cariqueo, Mauricio Morales, Sebastián Oversluij
Live in every action against Power and all authority.

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