[Poland/World] Antifrontex Days in Warsaw from 19 to 22 May 2015

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For many years, Antifrontex Days have been organised in Warsaw; it’s time to give them a new impetus and strengthen each other’s voices of protest. Thus, together, we, migrants and allies, invite you for the Antifrontex Days, which will take place in Warsaw on 19-22 May. We are waiting for you with meetings, screenings, demonstrations, and associated “Activist Days Off” festival.

We invite groups willing to take an active part in the organisation of the event. We are a small collective from Warsaw, which together with you want to work together deconstructing our privileges and abolishing the boundaries imposed on us. When migrant circles in Europe come together in resistance, and repression is on the rise, we cannot remain passive. Unite against institutional state fascism – in the name of a real and practical transnational solidarity!

Come to Warsaw, from 19 to 22 May 2015! Let’s create a strong front against Frontex!

Antifrontex Days everywhere!

For those who cannot come to Warsaw between the 19th and 22nd of May, we are proposing decentralised days of actions against Frontex. Let it be heard/seen everywhere during these days! We’ll leave the form of solidarity up to your limitless fantasy. You know best what’s most useful in your local context, and where it hurts most.

Down with the borders! Long live active solidarity!

For more information visit: migracja.noblogs.org, contact: antyfrontex@riseup.net