Chile: Incendiary attack against construction site of the Santiago Metro

“small actions against the system are not only important to the extent that they contribute to the destruction of the system, but also to the extent that they contribute to the formation of individuals who are free, prepared, conscious of their capacities and limitations, brave and capable of fighting for what they want” (Antitechnology 2009)

We claim responsibility for the incendiary attack against the construction site of the future line 6 of the Santiago Metro, on April 7th, we attacked this representative of social technological progress with an incendiary device of chemical activation.

The harmful consequences of the techno-industrial expansion will not be tolerated without the necessary response, we walk keeping a close watch on your warehouses, supermarkets, areas of urban expansion, the degradation of wild nature in its most extensive forms; we attack and will continue to attack in the fields and your cities, we will defend tooth and claw what remains to be defended and ourselves.

We send our warm greetings to Natalia Collado and Javier Pino.

Strength to the comrades on hunger strike Juan Flores, Nataly Casanova and Guillermo Durán.

Against civilisation! For the defense of all that we’ve been losing!

Capybara Group FAI-FRI

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