Chilean prisons: Words of Tamara Sol Farías Vergara and Natalia Collado, held in the same wing of San Miguel prison

Solidarity days with prisoners of social war in Chilean prisons, from 10 to 20 of April – related tag in Spanish

April 16th 2015

(We would expatiate more, but the ability to put out this note and make our action visible is limited.)

Comrades in affinity:

Within the week of agitation for antiauthoritarian prisoners in all territories which is underway these days, and particularly tomorrow (17/4) is a call for solidarity with long-term prisoners, Natalia Collado and Tamara Sol Farías send all our love, support and rebelliousness, deciding to abstain from meals all day on Friday, April 17th.

We send all our strength and affection especially to Nataly Casanova, who is on hunger strike, seeking the end of her prison regime in isolation. Compañera, no prisoner is alone!

For total liberation; down with patriarchy and the techno-industrial society!

Solidarity with all antiauthoritarian prisoners!

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