Haren, Brussels: Maxi-prison construction site fencing torn down

“In the shadow of a prison, no-one can be free. No to the maxi-prison, let’s be uncontrollable!” Click here for the English version of the poster.

Report published in Ricochets n° 04, the newsletter against the maxi-prison [a massive prison-complex] and the world that goes with it:

In the last week of February, a group of people brought down nearly half of the 400 Heras fences that had just been installed with the aim of surrounding the site of the future maxi-prison [in Haren]. The preliminary stage of work, the fences enclosing the area, has already provided a taste of the militarisation and devastation caused by the construction of the jail. If it is good news that the terrain was liberated from these vile fences, we also know that this is only the beginning, and that the builders of the maxi-prison will continue their malicious work. Unless, of course, they are faced with resistance which does not cease to put spanners in the works…