Santiago: Attack against a branch of the Penta Security group

“To attack the interests of the rich and the powerful // To attack Penta, Luksic, Bachelet and all of their businesses wherever these may be // To destroy all forms of Power and Authority”

In our present historical context, the global and local Power is taking shape with numerous gears destined for social control and the reproduction of the relationships of domination and submission.

From the huge industrial-complex to the technology inserted daily into a persons’ life, the collection of data via social media and the ideological promotion of “security”, Power is worried in how to keep everything under its control, so as to maintain the established order that is supported by privileges, wealth and oppression.

On March 12th, at dawn, we attacked an insurance and driving permits sales-branch belonging to the Penta Security group, located in the San Miguel district, by breaking some of its windows and throwing anarchist flyers. This attack was not done because of the recent economical scandal this company is implicated in, but in the context of the offensive struggle against all authority. This is an action against what they are and what they represent: a gear of dominion within big business of the financial Capital (banks, insurance, loans etc.), well known for financing with its profits the Chilean political class.

Let a broken window bring the next one. May actions of attack and struggle against Power push things towards the collapse of the system of domination, for total freedom. We send our greetings and anti-authoritarian solidarity to the comrades imprisoned in Chile and around the world; to the incarcerated members of Conspiracy of Cells of Fire and the comrades kidnapped by the Greek state who are on hunger strike; also to the comrades held in isolation in the prisons of the Italian state and the prisoners on hunger strike in Spain.

Freedom for combative prisoners in Chile and the world.

Fire and attack against Power and its representatives.

Against all social control; total liberation.

some anarchics…