Athens: Two CCF prisoners, on hunger strike since 2/3, currently hospitalised

Banner at a prisoner solidarity demo in the city of Volos (13/3/2015) reading: “Solidarity with political prisoners, on hunger strike since 2/3; against the legal arsenal of the state of exception.”

On March 17th, CCF imprisoned member on hunger strike Panagiotis Argirou (who, just two years ago, recovered from a serious head injury) suffered a fainting episode and was transferred to a hospital outside Koridallos prison. He was later moved back to the prison, only to be transferred once more to the hospital due to very low blood sugar.

On March 18th, CCF hunger striker Giorgos Polidoros was also sent to a hospital to undergo tests. The comrade was later transferred back to prison.

On March 19th, another CCF prisoner on hunger strike, Theofilos Mavropoulos, needed to be hospitalised outside the prison because of severe dizziness and abdominal and kidney pains.

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