Mexico: A short message to the distant tribes

February 25, 2015
Guanajuato, Mexico

To the group “Uncivilized Conduct”.
To the group “Wild/Terrorist Behaviors”.
To all the “Savage Reaction” groups of action, written dissemination and study.
To all those who feel identified with the tendency opposed to the techno-industrial system and in favor of wild nature.

Artificiality and its yoke upon nature grow broader by the day; the plague of progress has managed to sicken what flies in the air, what lives on the earth, and what swarms in the ocean depths.

Modern civilization is out of its own control; to the point where the technicians who sustain the system create desperate alternatives that make it perpetuate itself with more strength and devastation.

In the face of this summarized situation, a question arises: If technology is growing, why doesn’t resistance to its harmfulness?

Reading the recent communiques transmitted from Argentina and Chile (1) in recent months, we have noticed a surprising affinity bound to these tribes of distant warriors, which greatly encourage us to have greater resolve in terrorist and sabotage action as well as in the development of an anti-technology critique, all toward the important growth of the eco-extremist tendency, which stakes itself on the destabilization of the system and positions itself in favor of the wild.

We know well that in other countries in America, Europe and Asia, there are individualists who feel identified with this tendency, whether anarchists or not, and so we invite them to form part of this whole, with the formation of a group of critique that gives an important contribution to the strengthening of positions, or carefully spreading printed material, or opening blogs, or editing books, or putting out music, or acting anonymously, or living a life free from civilized comfort, or claiming sabotages and terrorist attacks, etc., everyone will know how to do it in their own way and under their own circumstances and responsibilities.

Do not be confused, this is not “solidarity,” it is complicity.

Do not be confused, this is not for the creation of a movement, it is for the constant desire to destabilize this system.

This is only a small message for all those who perceive these words and take them as their own, we do not want nor are interested in “placing” bases or “regulations” within this tendency, because eco-extremism is made of each individual who has the need to strike back at what is extraneous and has come to invade our lives and environments.

Reacción Salvaje (Savage Reaction)
“Manto de Piel-Coyote” (Coyote-skin Cloak)
“Matar o Morir” (Kill or Die)
“Aborígenes Infames” (Infamous Aboriginals)

1) “First communique from Uncivilized Conduct,” published November 1st, 2014. The text is available [in Spanish] on the blog “El Tlatol”. “First words from Wild/Terrorist Behaviors,” published December 24, 2014. Text available on the same blog and on “Contra Info”.

PS: We give our appreciation to the effort of the translators (of our communiques and claims), through whose effort of diffusion our words have reached countries that we never thought they would reach.

retrieved (and slightly edited) from War On Society
Spanish original