Chile: Comrade Diego Ríos arrested after five and a half years on the run

To make the revolutionary solidarity uncontrollable – Diego Ríos to the streets
Immediate solidarity with anarchist comrade Diego Ríos
Against the State/prison/Capital: social war – Freedom for Diego Ríos!
Solidarity now with comrade Diego Ríos!

Propaganda in solidarity with Diego Ríos
Saturday, February 7th, 2015, in Santiago

Anarchist comrade Diego Ríos entered clandestinity since 2009, going on the run after his mother found materials for the manufacture of explosive devices in an apartment of her own property and notified the cops. During that year, the compañero had made public three communiqués reaffirming his positions against Power and every authority; then he stopped writing open letters to the anarchist/anti-authoritarian milieu.

The only available information that came out the following years derived from the bourgeois Press jointly with the police, typical of the dirty tricks played by the State/Capital in an attempt to intimidate and persecute.

Today (7/2/2015) a police operation was unleashed in the locality of La Ligua (Petorca province, Valparaíso region) capturing the comrade, and thus halting his escape that we always wished would last forever.

Once we became aware of this situation, filled with rage and despair, we immediately carried out a minimum gesture of solidarity with the comrade, pasting some banners on the walls, always hoping this will make actions multiply.

To conclude, we believe we should be alert to the maneuvers of Power and all of its control apparatuses that begin to make their move; we need not to cling to empty words and do nothing; it’s time to act.

A salute to comrade Diego, strength and fortitude.

Revolutionary Struggle Collective (CLR)