Greece: Words from Angeliki Sotiropoulou as regards the new type C prison in Domokos

Once again—as expected, of course—the state and the media of deception are trying to sow fear and terror. All prisons in Greece, other than the agricultural ones, are and have always been maximum-security facilities. Especially the basement in Koridallos women’s prison, where the ‘17 November’ case prisoners have lived over the last twelve and a half years, is demonstrably the most heavily guarded section. Therefore, they have established isolation prisons, rather than maximum-security prisons. Outside a state of rights, they want to make these prisoners invisible. All arguments of the extreme right-wingers who passed and applied the respective law are based on deceit and lies. Christodoulos Xiros [recaptured on January 3rd] did not escape from any prison, no matter if they invoke security reasons or gaps. He left his house. We are thus faced with an outright vindictiveness towards political enemies and mainly a vulgar political exploitation for cheap communication purposes. The new pre-election TV ad of the extreme right-winger Samaras identifies the jihadists with fighters of armed counter-violence organizations, showing the real reasons for the creation of these prisons, as well as their huge panic. I wonder: where else does fascism originate from? Over there—I mean Domokos prison—nothing has changed; all is as it was before, just like at every other prison. All they did differently is discover after twelve and a half years that suddenly these people have become dangerous—one of them is 72 years old—and took them away from their families, as much as possible for the time being, to inflict more problems upon them. We endure it; they might as well send us to the borders.

Words from the former political prisoner Angeliki Sotiropoulou—companion of Dimitris Koufontinas, who is currently held in the type C prison of Domokos—broadcasted during an internet radio show (January 15th, 2015)