Greek prisons: Solidarity with anarchist Nikos Romanos and the rest of prisoners in struggle

Footage of clashes in Exarchia, downtown Athens, December 6th, 2014:

Anarchist prisoner Nikos Romanos, currently hospitalized in critical condition in Athens, has been on a hunger strike since the 10th of November 2014. His request for educational leaves – to which he’s entitled since September 2014 – has been repeatedly denied by the Greek justice system.

In Koridallos men’s prison, 75 inmates at the Ε wing abstained from prison meals between the 13th and the 14th of November, in solidarity with Nikos Romanos.

Anarchist prisoner Yannis Michailidis, currently hospitalized in Piraeus, has been on a solidarity hunger strike since the 17th of November.

Anarchist prisoners Andreas-Dimitris Bourzoukos and Dimitris Politis, who are held in Koridallos prison, have also been on a solidarity hunger strike since the 1st of December.

Two women incarcerated in the disciplinary prison of Neapoli in Lasithi, on the island of Crete, have abstained from prison food since the 4th of December.

Imprisoned fighter Elias Karadouman, who is held in Corfu prison, conducts a 7-day symbolic hunger strike in solidarity with Nikos Romanos between the 5th and the 11th of December 2014.

On the 5th of December, in various men’s prisons across Greece, prisoners in struggle Spyros Stratoulis, Sotiris Georgakopoulos, Dimitris Dimitriou, Dimitris Savvidis, Giorgos Moysiadis, Admir Betsani, Ioakim Kourkoulis, alongside imprisoned anarchists Antonis Stamboulos, Rami Syrianos and Tasos Theofilou, announced prison food abstention until the request of anarchist hunger striker Nikos Romanos is met.

On the 6th of December, 17N prisoner Dimitris Koufontinas and Revolutionary Struggle anarchist prisoner Kostas Gournas, both held in the dungeons of Koridallos women’s prison, refused to enter their cells in a minimal display of solidarity with Nikos Romanos.

Most of the prisoners at different wings of Koridallos men’s prison refused to enter their cells at midday between the 6th and the 8th of December 2014.

Communists from Turkey who are incarcerated in Larissa prison abstain from prison food between the 9th and the 10th of December.

Meanwhile, another anarchist prisoner, known by his initials G.S., has been on a hunger strike as of December 3rd, 2014. The comrade, currently held in Aghios Stefanos prison in Patras, was sent in pretrial detention accused of involvement in recent Messolonghi police station attack. The charges against him are based on the use of false testimony by a plainclothes cop. G.S. struggles for his immediate release from prison, protesting against the repression and the humanguards, against the police state, ministers, bankers and businesspeople: “These are the terrorists, these are the robbers,” he stated in his latest open letter. He also sent strength to every hunger striker and all those who are fighting against the shackles of society, “a society where the system of snitching is vindicated.”

Strength to hunger strikers Nikos Romanos, Yannis Michailidis, Andreas-Dimitris Bourzoukos, Dimitris Politis and Elias Karadouman.

Immediate release of hunger striker G.S.

Solidarity with all prisoners in struggle!

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