Athens: String of arson attacks in solidarity with hunger striker Nikos Romanos

“At least we are still implacable and strong-willed like the people of our kind. And those of us who closed their eyes in pain and traveled far continue to keep their eyes glued to that night sky we used to observe, too. And they watch us fall, beautiful and shining stars. Now it’s our turn. Now, without hesitation, we fall.”

A breath of freedom… from the suffocating conditions of confinement; a glance over the barbed wires; a daybreak outside the concrete walls.

Anarchist Nikos Romanos is on hunger strike since November 10th, 2014, demanding to be granted educational furloughs – to which he is entitled, because he managed to gain entry to the Technological Educational Institute (TEI) of Athens – that the Ministry of Justice and the Koridallos prison board revengefully deny him.

Rather than defend legitimacy, Nikos Romanos is using one of the few means of struggle at his disposal in a state of captivity, placing his body as a barricade to get a breath of freedom. The comrade’s struggle is also the struggle of all of us, so in a display of solidarity we attacked:

An ATM of the National Bank in the district of Patissia

An ATM in the neighbourhood of Exarchia

An ATM in the suburb of Glyfada

An ATM of the Piraeus Bank in the district of Maroussi

An ATM of Eurobank in the suburb of Halandri

An ATM in the neighbourhood of Kypseli

A vehicle belonging to a private security company in the suburb of Argyroupoli

A car belonging to the embassy of Argentina in the district of Papagou

Two cars in the service of the prefecture of Athens in the district of Egaleo