Ávila prison, Spain: Words from comrade Mónica Caballero

The State calls its own violence Law; that of the individual crime. Lawbreaking, then – so the individual’s violence is called; and only by crime does he break the State’s violence when he thinks that the State is not above him, but rather he is above the State. – Max Stirner

These days, almost 10 months since my incarceration in the prisons of the Spanish State, I needed to give out these words to you dear comrades, who struggle for the abolition of every authority and the integral development of every individual.

Today, at the security level, anarchism is one of the major concerns of many Western (and some Eastern) States; in this witch-hunt aimed at informal antiauthoritarians anything goes, this repressive hysteria is inherent in the conquest of total liberation, it is as old as the acratist ideas. Therefore, a momentary or prolonged visit to one of the placid monuments of human extermination awaits all those who try to confront or simply question the prevailing order. In my case, the passage from some cage is not something new. Whenever one decides to fight against the establishment, punishment is one of the consequences; this stance goes far beyond the democratic vision of Innocent/Guilty, which has no place in anyone who wants to destroy this world that’s founded on laws I don’t believe in. I don’t recognize any judge, their law transforms me into a slave, their justice makes me a prisoner.

In the interior of prisons the biggest garbage of society comes to light. Here, on the inside, the individual is crushed in his/her deepest essence; blackmail and manipulation by the tentacles of Power are blended and transformed as social reintegration policy. In the face of this policy coherence is my victory, maintaining myself incorruptible and dignified is the everyday fight.

In this political-judicial-police process, where initially charges were brought against a group of comrades and eventually ended up being pressed against my beloved comrade and me, the apparatuses of Power have used the most diverse tricks, some nearing ridiculous levels, but those who were breastfed by this system and attempt to perpetuate it will never comprehend our forms. Forms that break down the hierarchy, that do not receive orders from anybody, that grow and multiply like weeds in their quiet and sterile garden. Anarchist ideas in their entirety are developed in the complexity of individual integrity; this individual freely associated with other individuals put an end to this rotten society.

The forms and modes in which individuals confront domination are multiple and limitless; neither one is better nor worse, they’re just different. No acratist that considers oneself as such can impose what is to be done on anyone, let alone permit some type of imposition.

On the path of anarchist construction-destruction we do not possess (nor want) any type of manual or itinerary; we construct it day by day with our comrades in affinity. As for those who believe that we antiauthoritarians follow the postulates of some “renowned” comrade to the letter, I tell them they haven’t understood anything.

There have been (and still are) a great many valued compañeros and compañeras who have made great contributions to the struggle against authority throughout history; however that doesn’t mean we render some type of cult to anyone.

Dear comrades, I would love to dedicate words more often, but given the limitations in which I find myself I’m not sure I’ll be able to communicate this way again.

The trial against us will take place within a few months; when that moment comes, I will try to rise to the occasion, never bowing down the head.

I send a fraternal hug to those who have expressed solidarity with us; every gesture of solidarity illuminates the shadows of these cold walls.

To the subversive political prisoners who are being held in the prisons of the Chilean State: you are always present in my thoughts; though I am far away from you, I am with you. And to you freely chosen brothers and sisters: we’ll soon exchange glances again.

Open hand to the comrade, closed fist to the enemy!
Death to the State and long live anarchy!

Mónica Caballero Sepúlveda
Anarchist Political Prisoner
Ávila prison, September 2014
Territory dominated by the Spanish State

(Transcription note: These words were written by Mónica in early September and should have been published over a month ago, but for unknown reasons they didn’t reach our hands until now, late October.)

source / translated by Sin Banderas Ni Fronteras, Chile (edited by Contra Info)

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