Athens: Fascist bashed in Exarchia

On Monday afternoon, October 20th, a fascist was spotted and crushed in the area of Exarchia. The spineless thug that goes by the name Ioannis Kaptsis (originally from Syros Island) was wearing a ‘Pit Bull Hellas’ t-shirt, which he lost along with his handbag. Receipts of purchases from the area of Exarchia (he’s probably a resident) were found on him, as well as contacts with infamous fascists (Lagos of the Golden Dawn, for example) and other like-minded scum (e.g. Giorgos Golden, Maria Golden) in his mobile phone.

Neither in Exarchia, nor anywhere; bash the fash in every hood.

PS. We thank him for the generous donation of his money that will enable us to renew the residence permit of a migrant comrade.