‘Attack’ against Berlin Foreigners Registration Office in Moabit

Racism kills!

Tonight, in the early hours of Saturday, August 30th, 2014, we – a small group of small humans – smashed the windows of your workplace and sprayed slogans on your walls.

It’s not your windowpanes and walls, we know it, it’s the windows of your employer, the windows of your State, which pays you so that you can pay for the walls of your house, to look out of their windows on a city in which refugees are not meant to be, even if they climb onto a roof and are about to jump for their human-right. Even when your State with the help of the police cuts off their water and electricity [in Gürtelstraße], so that they break down stretched to the limits of their bodies. Those bodies that are trapped in the paragraphs that come up with the warmongering policy, and the register forms that you process, and the commands that the police execute. Those bodies which are titled as shelterless, homeless and illegal, without seeing the humans behind. We are all together in this boat, which may be called either inhumanity or humanity. Let your heart not hide behind the walls of your office, and don’t look anxiously out of the window; open the doors of your State for the refugees, because you have also shut them off. Every little cogwheel of this “asylum”-system kills humans, and no one can-should-may afterwards say that they did not know what they were doing. A human thinks, so think and act like you are a human, too, and not just a blunt cogwheel.