‘Avalanche – Anarchist Correspondence’, issue 2

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There’s no other way. Our trajectories should not consist of running forward with blindfolds on. One has to keep finding the time, space and energy to remain critical towards his or her own activities, one’s own projects. Not the criticism that make you fade away into inactivity, compromise and defeatism, only favoring the slow but steady absorption by authoritarian society, but the critique that continuously feels the heartbeat of the struggle. Yes, we are speaking of the critique that allows one to verify that one’s acting is still synchronized with the ideas one is nourishing, that allows for perspectives to be deepened and struggle experiences to be fertile ground for further assault on authority. And this also counts for the very modest project of offering a space of international anarchist correspondence.

A third issue then, and therefore, also some questions and doubts. The initial idea of this project was not so much to read through the existing anarchist publications and pick out some significant texts to republish them in Avalanche. No, the idea was – and still is – that comrades would contribute words and analyses, ideas and questions, from out of their own context, their own paths, and their own experiences (as several contributions sent by comrades in this issue do) so as to give life to this correspondence and make it a dangerous matter. Dangerous, because away from the continuous information bombardment that seems only to promote passivity, away from the theatrical scenes of political representation which has also infected the anarchist movement, away from the very modern obsession with facts and figures, dead material which cannot fertilize the inseparable duo of ideas and dynamite of anarchism.

(…) we send our greetings to all the comrades out there, wherever they are, in whatever situation they might be.

July 2014

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