Hamburg: Wild demonstrations and riots against borders and their watchdogs

On Friday evening, June 6th — after the brutal attacks by cops on a protest held by refugees from Lampedusa and their supporters, which took place on Thursday, June 5th at the Hamburger Rathausmarkt — hundreds of people took to the streets of St. Pauli.

A big unauthorized demonstration with up to 1,000 participants started by 8pm at Neue Pferdemarkt and went over Schanzenviertel’s main street, the Schulterblatt. Slogans against the State and borders have been sprayed on walls of houses, banks and shops, there was firework and it was loud.

After the cops stopped the demonstration the crowd dispersed and came together again at different times and places. Partly, there were several demonstrations at the same time.

The local office of the social-democratic party (SPD) in St. Pauli got attacked; furthermore, the entrance of the residential building of Hamburg’s senator of justice in the Brigittenstraße was destroyed. People erected many barricades, which the cops partly attacked. These are only a few impressions of this night. The cops didn’t manage to control the situation. It was pleasant to see that many took own initiative and were well prepared.

No borders! No states!
For many uncontrolled summer nights!

As could be read tonight on a freshly painted wall in St. Pauli:
“For social revolt!”