Athens: Nazi scum bashed in Kato Petralona

May 7th, 2014

After running a “sprint” to distribute leaflets in the neighbourhoods of Thissio and Koukaki, a group of Goldendawners attempted to “mess up” also the neighbourhood of Kato Petralona with electoral material of the Greek Dawn [a backup name for the Nazi election campaign]. Unluckily for them, we made them pay dearly for their third attempt to approach our neighbourhoods, which are uninhabitable for any fascist.

A group of six antifascists spotted the ten neo-Nazis, and with “bare hands”, punches, slaps and kicks we literally threw them out of the neighbourhood, pushing them into a wagon of the suburban railway. Despite their alleged Spartan spirit, the youngest (and fastest) of the unlucky fascists abandoned their fellow militants within sight of antifascists.