Piraeus: Incendiary attack on G4S security company vehicle

“And just a little bit below the number of your repression, they had opened a penetrating hole, the same size as a submachine gun, from where the enemy overtly stripped you down day and night in the most ruthless way, and killed whatever you held secret and kept inside you. From there, they fired their murderous bursts incessantly upon you, and raked your body in its most sacred and inviolable moments. It’s the hole through which your enemy vomited out their worst kind of hatred with the worst rabies. It’s the relentless, most tyrannical controller and the worst killer of your private, hidden self. (…)

It’s the spy hole, which tore apart the most unsuspected, the most own or private time of yours; as soon as you saw the glossy, cold eye of the hangman-checker peering through the slot and permeating your inner being. (…)

Oh resentful eye, how I wish to seal you once and for all! To permanently end the sinister stripping and rapine of the soul in the hands of executioners. Oh snitch of my most intimate gestures, how I hate you, and how I yearn for your death! Your destruction! Your doom!”

In the early morning hours of Tuesday, April 29th, 2014 we torched a technical services car of the G4S security company (formerly Group 4 Securicor) at the junction of Karaiskaki and Smyrnis streets in the Rentis-Nikaia region.

This company is one of the largest operators of the private parapolice institution worldwide. It operates and manages private prisons in England and America while being responsible for security systems at the “wall of shame” in Palestine. In Greece, it has the largest fleet of armored cash-in-transit vehicles, to safely transport the wealth of banks and other businesses, it has equipped most of the country’s prisons with the latest electronic security systems, and will assume the management and operation of concentration camps for migrants.

Our action is part of the promotion of activities against the Greek government’s intention to pass the new bill for special conditions of detention and maximum security facilities in the Domokos prison.

Solidarity with imprisoned and prosecuted fighters.

Struggle until freedom, against the modern totalitarianism, by any means necessary.

“Woe to those who will accept prison as a life condition”

[The quotations come from a narrative of the 1990 Alikarnassos prison rebellion (on Crete), by ex prisoner Yannis Petropoulos.]

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