Thessaloniki: Molotov attack on offices of the Stalinist KKE

From the left, defense commissar Voroshilov and premier Molotov stroll along the great slave labour project, the Moscow-Volga Canal, with Stalin and the head of the Soviet secret police (NKVD) Yezhov, who was arrested in 1939, executed, and subsequently vanished from the picture.

On May 3rd, 2014, at 6.20 in the morning, we launched a Molotov cocktails attack on the offices of the KKE (‘Communist Party of Greece’) which are located in Socratous street, in downtown Thessaloniki, and mainly serve as electorate offices. The specific attack was described by KKE members as a dastard one.

Dastards are they that believe a workers’ state controlled by them, who like to call themselves revolutionary leadership, will eliminate the exploitation of human by human. When they call the KNAT[i] to intervene and suppress struggles that they cannot lead or control (because, unfortunately for them, in some occasions the mass ceases to be a mass), who are the cowardly ones then?

Examples like the Polytechnic uprising in 1973, the occupation of the Athens Chemistry School in 1979, the commemoration of the Polytechnic uprising in 1998, the December 2008 revolt, the safeguarding of the parliament building in 2011[ii] demonstrate not only their divisive character, but mainly their fear that we might find out how rotten what they support is. Aside from these facts, in our everyday life we face their sexism, homophobia, the power they try to exercise in children’s minds, their bureaucratic syndicalism, even incidents of violence in intrafamily situations, when someone of their relatives or close family is not affiliated to the KKE, or the KNE youth wing, or the PAME trade union, or the MAS student organization, or whatever else is their own.

Even so, they insist we should vote for them. For us voting means submission. Abstention from the polls, and every day and EVERY NIGHT to the streets; and watch out you Stalinists.

As about the word dastards, but also many other things they occasionally try to pin on the anarchist space, don’t you worry, the time will come when we will throw away the hoodies, and when that time comes we will have made sure you no longer exist; as simple as that.

KKE=Kettling, Kneeling, Exploiting[iii]

For Chaos and Anarchy

Translator’s notes: [i] ‘KNAT’ is a widespread play on words which comes from the KNE Stalinist youth and the MAT anti-riot police squads; [ii] related info, in English, here; [iii] improvised translation of a play on words; in the Greek communiqué, the meaning is ‘kke=party of pitiful featherbrains’.

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