Athens: Rebellious student demo on May 3rd

They attack the December 2008 generation
Demonstration, Propylaea, May 3rd, 19:00
Against the educational system that produces slaves
Against the brutal violence of the State
(The banner reads: “We live for today, we struggle for tomorrow”)
Not One Step Back
Antiauthoritarian Student Front / Rebellious Students

In an attempt to implement its plan for the fascistization of society and the imposition of modern totalitarianism, the State has repressed and continues to repress every struggling sector of society, and every form of resistance, opting to unleash a crackdown also on students from the beginning of the school year.

Carrying an official document issued by the Attica General Police Directorate, police officers across the country arrested students who participated in occupations of schools, and sent the detainees to investigating judges. Students from the high schools of Keratsini (Piraeus), Igoumenitsa, Lamia, Volos and other regions were brought before an interrogator to be questioned regarding their involvement in the “criminal act” of occupation. We are witnessing a great effort on the part of the State to suppress the student movement that nowadays acquires more antiauthoritarian characteristics. The blunt repression against the student march on the 6th of December 2013, when arrests and detentions occurred randomly, the extensive use of tear gas and the brutal violence show that fear is on the opposite camp, and not among high-school students.

They want us to bow our head down to the new educational system, to constantly be in a classroom reading a school textbook. Our schoolrooms are similar to prison cells, surrounded by bars, each of them housing a huge number of students, in addition to the reduced number of teachers; these conditions form the backdrop of an already degraded education which is “donated” by the State. The exhausting school hours, the enforced private lessons outside of school, the sterile knowledge have turned our schools into factories of standardized people, already for so many years.

Authoritarians would like us to finish school having become slaves destined for the big bosses; without having a political point of view, nor being able to fight for our rights.

We fight for a school and a society without competitiveness, with structures of solidarity, equality and self-organization. We will constantly stand up against them, with occupations, demonstrations and clashes.

Saturday, May 3rd, 2014 at 7pm in Propylaea, Panepistimiou Street, Athens


Antiauthoritarian Student Front / Rebellious Students