Porto Alegre, Brazil: The fire of rebellious hearts ignites the world

We cannot go on being spectators or sympathizers; revolt has become more intense in this repulsive world; we go out into the streets to act, defy and break with the tranquility that’s accommodated and disguised as social peace; the bourgeoisie and servile citizens are lackeys of the oppressive authority. And this being more than words, we hit the streets in a combative manner, expressing solidarity with indomitable warriors; none of our combatants will ever be forgotten. Neither domesticated nor politicized, but rebels. We’re warriors, anarchists, wild anti-authoritarians above being captive or slain. We carried out this action for every individual, every comrade, interrupting traffic on Goethe Avenue with fire and unfolding a black banner from a bridge which read: “The fire of rebellious hearts ignites the world. Borderless solidarity with all prisoners at war; Tamara Sol, Alfonso, Hermes; Sebastián presente.” Strength to the Security Case comrades, and prisoners across the world!

For total liberation, for the destruction of all prisons.

source: cumplicidade