Uruguay: Incendiary attack on Argentine consulate in Montevideo

In the early hours of April 11th, 2014, we attacked the consulate of Argentina in Montevideo with Molotov cocktails. We claim responsibility for this action in response to the eviction of the Biblioteca “Los libros de la esquina” (“Books around the corner” Library), which occurred in the morning of April 9th in the city of Buenos Aires.

This space took shape in an occupied house, and was maintained for over ten years with an approach antagonistic to the social order, diffusing values of solidarity, autonomy and self-management. In addition to the social library, various anti-authoritarian and anarchic projects unfolded there, this being a social conflictuality booster.

Our action is clear: they punch us, we punch them back. In this case, we have chosen to communicate the action so that it reaches out and gives strength to all those who fight in the other side of the river. And also to remind that social war continues in these parts, and even though it often goes unnoticed, and the powerful ones pretend like nothing is happening, the world of domination receives our blows as well.

Let’s continue to strengthen solidarity, self-organization and direct action! Until conflict overflows and social war doesn’t let anyone indifferent!

Strength, comrades!

Insurrectional Cell Sucker Punch