Buenos Aires, Argentina: Solidarity gathering at the Chilean consulate for the Security Case prisoners

Days of Internationalist Agitation and Solidarity, from the 14th to the 25th of March 2014, before the beginning of the trial against comrades Freddy, Marcelo and Juan. Subversive brothers of the Chilean region, to the streets and free! Because neither laws nor incarceration or juridical pitfalls can ever halt the social tempest against the State/Capital! Comrades of the Security Case to the street!

In the context of the agitation and solidarity week for our comrades kidnapped by Power and accused in the so-called “Security Case” in Chile, we realized this action on the 24th of March, a day before the start of this absurd judicial circus.

Like many others who stand in solidarity, some of us called for a gathering outside the Chilean consulate in Buenos Aires, firmly wanting to make the enemy feel that “here we are once again”, ready and decisive to face the consequences, always choosing to stand on the side of our combatant comrades, whether or not kidnapped by the State/Capital.

We ignite the flame of direct action, the subversive fire that Juan, Freddy and Marcelo knew and still know how to light up, like so many others in so many parts of this vast world, where cultures of death, submission and exploitation are being imposed on societies.

Because, while there is misery, there will always be rebellion!
Revolt is inevitable; let’s shape anarchy, till the end!