Argentina: Bomb threat on flight 4648 of LAN Airlines

In the context of agitation and solidarity days with the comrades Marcelo Villarroel, Freddy Fuentevilla and Juan Aliste Vega, imprisoned in Chile after being extradited by the Argentinean State, all three accused of bank robbery and the death of a cop, we made a bomb threat on the 4648 flight of LAN Airlines with destination to Santiago, Chile.

By this simple act we managed to paralyze the airports of Ezeiza and Mendoza (with the corresponding economical loss that this implies) and forced the plane to make an emergency landing.

We also stand in solidarity with Carlos Quiduleo, Hans Niemeyer, Sol Vergara, Hermes González, Alfonso Alvial and all the kidnapped comrades on the other side of the cordillera. The psychological harassment against the enemy has been a historical weapon of revolutionaries, and we will not stop using it. There are no excuses for being inactive or not showing solidarity through any means available.

We keep the memory of comrade Sebastián Oversluij alive.

While there is misery, there will always be rebellion!
Subversion might be asleep, but it will never disappear!

source: contrainformate