Porto Alegre, Brazil: Incendiary attack in solidarity with Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar

Solidarity is a living force! Light it up!

On Monday, December 16th, 2013, as a hot sun of 34°C was setting and the full moon was rising against the sky that covers us, we paid a visit to a Santander bank branch located on Osvaldo Aranha Avenue, right in front of a police station. We entered the banking establishment, leaving them a Christmas incendiary gift next to the ATMs in clear intent to destroy the property. After that, time and fire did their part. We did not go there to steal their filthy money; rather, to destroy it. We fulfilled our intentions:

We attacked, caused destruction, left unharmed and demonstrated with this action that solidarity is not just an empty slogan, nor does it live only in word in all its greatness. This small gesture shows us that the increased surveillance measures in the city cannot stop our desire to constantly defy Power; we can always find a way to escape the “great beast”, deconstructing our own fears to begin with.

Let this be a fire starter for all rebellious hearts to take action in the struggle against the “growth acceleration projects” as well as the 2014 World Cup, which comes trampling at high speed. It is obvious that the struggle is not just limited against this sporting event that has violated many people. Furthermore, we signal with the heat of this fire our solidarity with Rafael Vieria and Jair Seixas Rodrigues “Baiano” (imprisoned in Rio de Janeiro for riots over the past months), with those who resist the Belo Monte hydroelectric dam, with all those who face trials or persecutions as a result of the winter’s protests in Brazil (from June to September), and of course we don’t feel distant from all those who struggle against Power in every corner of the world and clash with the weight of the penitentiary system in Argentina, Greece, Indonesia, Chile, Italy, the US, Bulgaria, Mexico, Germany, Spain.

With this small attack on Spanish interests, we send our strength and solidarity to Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar, imprisoned behind the morbid bars of the Spanish State, isolated in FIES maximum security regime.

In front of repression, active solidarity by all possible methods!

Strength and solidarity to Mónica and Francisco!

Freedom for Baiano and Rafael Vieira, prisoners in Rio de Janeiro!*

Note: We never found any report in the corporate Press about the attack last night (16/12), nevertheless the destruction was effective, the ATMs were damaged, and the bank remains closed to date.

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* According to FIST, Baiano was released, and they threw a welcome party for him on the 22nd of December.